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Soft gaskets

Soft gaskets

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Soft gaskets

The standard range of seals includes flange gaskets, gland packings, gasket sheets, packing cords and self-adhesive sealing strips.

These materials are packed customer-specifically on our premises. Comprehensive stocks mean that supply is possible at very short notice.

Flange gaskets are cut to size by means of water jet cutting technology.

Metallic and grooved seals are also part of the production range.

Special soft gaskets enable sealing under extreme operating conditions.

1. MICA Fire-safe

Fire-safe tested for operating temperatures up to 750°/900°C
(stuffing box packings, flat and spiral seals, pressure-sealed cover rings)

2. MICA Oxygen

Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) approval up to 400°C/70 bar

3. Low-temperature materials for oxygen and gases

BAM approval down to -200°C

4. Other available approvals