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Mister Metric®

The Mister Metric® section is where we present the manufacturing and production range of our long-standing representative

AS Tech Industrie- und Spannhydraulik GmbH
Leopold-Hoesch-Straße 5-7
52511 Geilenkirchen

AS Tech GmbH is a single-stop point of supply for complete solutions in the industrial and hydraulic clamping segment.

Take a close look for yourself.

Powermaster® bolt tensioning devices

For tightening nuts with increased force
Powermaster bolt tensioning devices

Powermaster® hydraulic nuts

For tightening bearings, for clamping rotating parts of for pretensioning bolts in confined spaces
Powermaster hydraulic nuts

Powermaster® pumps

To generate pressure for the bolt tensioning devices and hydraulic nuts
Powermaster pumps

Powermaster® accessories

Spares and accessories for the operation of Powermaster products
Powermaster accessories

Mister Metric® special bolts

Bolts to a wide range of standards, as well as specially produced designs
Mister Metric® special bolts