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bolt tensioning devices

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bolt tensioning devices

Our range contains both standard designs with various maximum pressure values and versions produced to customer requirements.

How a bolt tensioning device works

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(Fig. 1: Initial position)

Bild 1: Ausgangsstellung

1. Tensioning nut
2. Piston
3. Cylinder
4. Support sleeve
5. Holding nut
6. Tommy bar
7. Connection
8. Sealing insert
9. Hexagonal nut

If the force calculated in the design of the connection is to be applied with a bolt tensioning device, the holding nut is first screwed onto the end of the thread to be put under tension and is then followed by the device (Fig. 1).

Standard designs

The standard designs are suitable for screws of property class 10.9 (at 90% of Rp0.2) with a thread projection of approximately one single thread diameter of the bolt tensioning device.

single-stage, with threaded puller
Typ HWS16112

maximum pressure 1600 bar

Typ HWS25112

maximum pressure 2500 bar
small design with low weight

single-stage, with replaceable tension member

one hydraulic body
replaceable hexagonal nut

Typ HWS16212
Typ HWS25212

Customized designs

There is a also the option of producing a customized bolt tensioning device according to customer requirements in the following versions:

  • multi-stage bolt tensioning device with exchangeable tensioning element
  • multi-stage bold tensioning device with threaded puller
  • single-stage bolt tensioning device for extremely small installation spaces
  • single-stage bolt tensioning device with tensioning nut for large bolt dimensions
  • single-stage bolt tensioning device integrated in a ring for applications such as container lids

There is a large number of different equipment options for these versions.
Every bolt tensioning device can be equipped with individual features.

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